Uber driver support is amazing and on point

I had my first experience this morning using the support chat option on the uber partner app.

It was so easy and took less than two minutes to connect with a live person to answer my questions and she answered my questions with great detail.

Overall I was on the chat for about 5 minutes.

My reason for calling:

I had just found out about ubers package delivery service and wanted to know how I could get started with that as well.

She quickly pulled up my account information using my email and last 4 digits of my drivers license number.

She said that I would need to apply seperately for uber rush and then said that she can forward my information to that department to get me started so I wouldn’t need to fill out the form on the driver signup page.

I’m very impressed and satisfied with the support uber gives to it’s drivers. This tells me that they realize how important it is to have a good relationship with their partners. After all, without drivers their business would fail. Postmates really needs to take this into consideration. It’s been 5 days now since I’ve contacted postmates support and have received no response at all. I think I’m ready to give up on postmates. They just don’t have it together or lack the resources to accomplish their end result. With uber getting into deliveries I can almost guarantee that postmates will die a quick death unless they turn around really quick and start to support their drivers in a timely manner.

Uber 2     postmates 0

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