Uber Eats after rate cut vs Postmates

As most of you already know, Uber Eats has cut their driver pay dramatically.

In Orange County the new current rates are as follows

  • Pick up at restaurant  $3.10
  • Drop off to customer $1.40
  • Per mile $1.10
  • Uber Fee 35%

Vs the old rates

  • Base fare $4.00
  • Per mile   $2.00
  • Uber Fee 25%

Is It Still Worth It To Drive For Uber Eats?

I was pretty upset about these rate cuts because I had gotten used to the good pay but after doing a day of deliveries after the cut it wasn’t all that bad.

And it still is worth more than driving people.

Uber Eats hourly guarantees 

Even though the rates have been cut Uber Eats still offers hourly guarantees.

Guarantee times are typically as follows and these Uber Eats guarantees may vary from city to city.

  •  $26 from 11am-2pm, Monday through Sunday
  •  $28 from 6-9pm, Monday through Thursday
  •  $30 from 6-9pm, Friday through Sunday

Of course these numbers are before the 35% Uber fee but it still comes out to a minimum of  $16.90 per hour.

If you really want to get technical and take out 30% as well for taxes then you’ll end up with $11.83

But what about gas?

I usually receive $5 to $20 a day in tips. $5 to $10 will easily cover my gas for a day of deliveries. anything extra is a bonus.

Can Uber Eats Be Better Than My Day Job?

In California right now the minimum wage is $10 per hour. As most of you are well aware we pay taxes from our regular jobs as well. Employers meet us half way with the taxes so with a regular w-2 job we are paying 15% which leaves us at $8.50 per hour to take home.

$11.83 sounds much better than  $8.50 to me.

But that’s if you want to break it down to an hourly rate. The guarantees are nice to think about and who knows how long they will last so just like ridesharing this type of work really shouldn’t be compared to work with an hourly wage.

Vehicle Wear And Tear?

Most deliveries are within 10 miles of the restaurant. I typically drive about 75 miles a day. In 30 days that comes out to 2,250 miles assuming you do it every day.

Should I Drive For Uber Eats?

If you are making  $15 an hour then obviously don’t quit your day job but if you were making minimum wage like I was and hate your job as much as I did then it may be worth it to you to start driving for Uber Eats. If you are making decent money at your day job and are looking for some extra income then you really can’t go wrong with Uber Eats. Having the ability to do it whenever you want makes it a great option for those looking for a second job or supplemental income.

Uber Eats vs Postmates And DoorDash

I have experimented quite a bit with all of these companies and Uber Eats is the only company that really seems to get it besides the tipping issue of course. With Uber Eats you don’t have to wait in line to place an order anywhere and you don’t have a debit card that you have to use to pay for food. With Uber Eats I occasionally have to wait for an order but hardly ever more that 5 minutes. Also Uber Eats is a curbside service meaning customers should come out to you to get their food. With postmates and doordash, one of my biggest complaints was huge apartment complexes and on top of that finding legal parking so you can get out and waste a half hour to 45 minutes trying to find an apartment. With Uber Eats the apartment problem is solved so you can make more deliveries per hour.

Uber Eats

  • All orders are paid for
  • Orders are usually ready when you arrive
  • Curbside
  • No in app tipping
  • Best app overall

Postmates and Doordash

  • Have to place orders
  • Need to use a debit card to pay
  • Not Curbside
  • Many large apartment complexes
  • Crappy and basic apps

Where Do I Sign Up?

If you want those hourly guarantees then I encourage you to sign up today and take advantage of it before it’s too late.

If you use my referral link below then you’ll be eligible for a sign up bonus. Signup bonuses vary from city to city so click on the link to see how much you’ll get.

Sign up for Uber Eats

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