Uber Eats and Postmates Clientele. What areas pay the most?

As an ex pizza man, (which was my first job out of high school) I’ve learned a lot about types of customers and tips.

Of course stereotyping isn’t always a good thing but when your income depends on it then you better believe that it matters.

I used to live in anaheim hills which is one of the wealthier areas of Orange County (My Parents House. Not Mine). Orange County has a few segregated areas like this. Anaheim hills, Costa Mesa, Irvine and Newport Beach.

Choosing the right area could be the difference between a $20 tip which I received last night or a $0 tip.

The fact is that these services are luxary services. Most of the crap customers are people with a postmates promo code that will only ever order once just because they have a promo code for a free delivery. This is a terrible situation for drivers because we then get orders for 1 sandwich and fries to take to an apartment complex for someone using a free promo code and no money to tip.

Am I talking bad about those people? Not necessarily, I’m literally one of those people. I don’t have much but at the same time you don’t see me ordering food from a delivery service either. That’s because I know I can’t afford luxary services. I go pick up my own pizzas because I don’t have an extra $5 for a tip. These drivers make a living off of tips. Those that order and don’t tip should feel very ashamed for wasting a hard working persons time.

So my advice to drivers out there and those thinking about becoming drivers is to know your area. If you are in the ghetto, don’t deliver in the ghetto. Drive 30 minutes away to where the people that spend money are at.

This is what seperates us from ride sharing services. Rides are often a necessity but food and item delivery are all luxary services. Luxary services just don’t work in areas that are not luxurious.

Like I said, I’m here to tell you guys the cold hard facts. I’m not here to sugar coat things and get you to sign up using my promo code so I can make money while you don’t, that’s what those other bloggers and video bloggers do.

When I say I am here to help you maximize your delivery profits then that’s what you’ll see me do. I recognize problems and come up with solutions.

If you like my information then please share my page with anyone that you feel could benefit.

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