Uber Eats And Tips

Uber Eats might be the best idea yet when it comes to drivers that want to deliver food. I say might because word on the street is that rates are going to be lowered. Hopefully someone from Uber will read this explanation I am about to give and see that right now the pay is just right and shouldn’t change.

So here is my idea..

The current rates for Uber Eats in Orange County right now are $4.00 per delivery plus $2.00 per mile. Uber doesn’t accept in app tipping but here is where our tips could be built in. Using the current rates it’s quite possible to say that tips are technically included. If you consider that as the case then Uber Eats is the perfect delivery service in every way. Then I’ve found that 1 out of 4 customers will give me a tip on top of that. That makes this job totally worth it in every way because those occasional tips pay for my gas.

You know what many Uber customers have never done before? They may have never taken a traditional taxi but it’s almost guaranteed that they have been to a restaurant before and tipped a waiter or have had pizza delivered at one time or another and tipped the delivery driver. The fact is that when it comes to food, people are used to tipping.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Getting food delivered is a luxury service and customers need to be willing to pay a decent rate to have this service. It’s not like a pizza place where it is more efficient and makes sense to hire an hourly driver because multiple deliveries can be made at once and the demand is almost always there. Delivering food from restaurants that do not have a dedicated driver shouldn’t be a budget service. If this lowers demand a little bit then that’s fine. They will find the right market this way and be able to target them appropriately.

Uber Eats Vs DoorDash and Postmates 

Uber has the clientele already, so that isn’t an issue for them and neither is marketing their service. The edge that Uber needs to concentrate on is giving a better opportunity for drivers. With the rates as they are right now they are doing just that. There are tons of postmates drivers out there that I’ve talked to that will never even consider driving for Uber Eats because of the lack of an in app tipping option. This is where my idea for Uber comes in and makes Uber the best option by including tips in the price without actually saying they are including tips in the price.

Could this be the new driver appreciating Uber?

Unfortunately I’m not sure if Uber has the same idea as me on this. I’ve heard of rate cuts coming soon and I’m afraid that my whole idea might be a big failure if those rate cuts do happen.

Let’s hope Uber does the right thing and sees my structure and ideas as a building block to once again be a profitable company and platform to drive for.

Let this be Ubers opportunity to prove people wrong and show us that drivers are a valuable part of the team and that our compensation is of great importance to them and in return allow us to earn wages that we can make a living on just like the people working in the office. After all, without people driving, those people sitting in the office wouldn’t have a job either.


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