Uber Eats expands coverage in Orange County and Los Angeles

Uber Eats is a great option to make some side money but only if you live in the right area. My issue with Uber Eats when I first started was the coverage area and the clientele. Like I said in my previous posts about Uber Eats “I Believe in Uber Eats” and finally they are coming through and expanding their coverage area so more people can now take advantage of the service as drivers or customers.

Last month, the closest spot for me to drive for Uber Eats was in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach. It wasn’t worth it for me to take that drive just to deliver food but now I only have to drive 5 minutes to be in the coverage area.

Uber Eats Coverage Los Angeles

And they have also added Huntington Beach.

Uber eats coverage Orange County

I see Uber Eats now becoming the leader in food delivery and though you don’t usually get tips, the payout is consistent.

I don’t know if amazon really stands a chance in food delivery with their new amazon flex service. I really think they need to concentrate on packages. ¬†Uber pretty much has it covered.

When working for Uber you need to realize that this is side money. Don’t fight to see a hourly average. Accept it for what it is and don’t go quitting your job to deliver. It’s probably one of the best ways to make extra income besides driving people.

Now that you know what to expect, Uber Eats is a great option if you’re looking for some extra Christmas present money to spend or if you want to be able to pay down a debt a little faster.

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