Uber Eats Failure, My First 4 Hour Shift

Uber Eats Fail 2

So today I decided to take advantage of the Uber promotion which guarantees $20 an hour for driving between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. though I planned to stay out til 4. I headed to costa mesa to try my luck. At 12:30 I got my first Uber order. It took me 8 minutes to find parking but the food was already ready. I then proceeded to my destination which was about 4.8 mi. away. It was an easy dropoff and by 1:00 I was ready to take some more orders. But there is a problem, this dropoff took me outside of the coverage area. Now I’m wondering if this is going to affect my guaranteed $20 an hour. I drive back to the center of Costa Mesa which takes me another 20 minutes. That’s 20 minutes that I could not accept any new orders and that wasn’t my fault. I’m beginning to worry about this whole Uber Eats thing.
So now I went to go sit in the parking lot of walgreens, waiting for another Uber order to come up.
1:30 and still nothing so I decided to double up and turn on my postmates app as well because I don’t want to be sitting here wasting time.
2:51 and 2 postmates deliveries later I finally got another Uber Eats order. It was at a restaurant called Slap Fish and it was right across the street from where I was at so I thought that this would be an easy one. NOPE!
I got to the restaurant and told them what order I was there to pick up and they had no record of it. I then showed them my phone screen to confirm the address and they said that the address was correct but they did not have my order. The girl at the restaurant was very helpful and was able to locate the order which was placed at the restaurants Irvine location which is not even in the working area. I then had to contact the customer and ask them to call the restaurant and re place the order which they did and I sat and waited for the order without getting paid and missing several deliveries that came up from postmates as well. After a half hour sitting at the restaurant the food was finally ready and I took it to the customer. Luckily the customer was understanding and was kind enough to give me a $2 tip but the $7.36 that uber paid me was not worth my time. After that whole experience I was ready to pack up and go back to my side of Orange County.

Uber Eats Failure3 hours and 41 minutes and 2 Trips.


Uber Eats Fail 2Deliveries 2 hr and 20 min apart

And who knows if they will give me that promised $20 an hour. And also for the second hour that I was waiting and had no deliveries show up.

Hopefully they come through because my experience is made public.


Well I’d have to say that this just won’t do, but all is not lost just yet.


There are a few good things about it though. The app is excellent and functions as it should, it’s simple to use and prevents common errors that happen way too often with similar companies apps. The pay doesen’t necessarily sound so bad but in order for it to be profitable their needs to be deliveries. The lack of deliveries makes the whole idea worthless unless you live in the immediate area. Even then it’s only a once in a while thing. As of right now I don’t think I’m going to be taking that trip out there again unless the guarantees are better. If I’m going to help your company be successful in the food delivery business then I want to be paid accordingly. I still believe Uber Eats can be profitable one day soon but as of right now the incentives just don’t add up. Paying drivers good money just to stand by is all part of the start up costs for what they are trying to achieve but instead they are trying to get around that by offering worthless incentives along with their 25% fee.

If anything, Uber really needs to do away with the service fee and be happy with the commision they make on the orders.


Coming up is my next big post….. Uber Eats vs Post Mates

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