Uber Eats, Is food worth more than passengers?

I’m here today to talk about Uber Eats and how food is suddenly worth more than people. Let me start off by saying that I think it is ridiculous that it has come to this but hey, look at the world we live in. Ridiculousness happens every day . So let’s get into it shall we, The base fare for Uber Eats in Orange County is $4.00 and $2.00 per mile. And here is the current base fare for Uber X $0.90 a mile $0 base fare and $0.15 a minute. Uber rates Orange County It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math. I personally have switched to only doing Uber Eats and don’t even touch passengers anymore. When it comes to gas and mileage you will spend less of each with higher pay by doing Uber Eats vs Uber X or Lyft. My typical Uber Eats deliveries are within a couple miles of the restaurant. I usually am in and out of the restaurant with the order in less time than it takes to wait for a passenger to come to your car. Occasionally I will get that delivery that is 15 to 20 mi. away but it still pays well so I’m happy to take food instead of a potential complaining passenger that will give me a low rating just because they are in a bad mood. Uber Eats payout I used to think postmates was the ultimate when it came to food delivery but Uber Eats quickly proved me wrong. When I first started Uber Eats back in August when they launched it just wasn’t worth the time. I could go 4 hours without a delivery poppin up and had to drive to the opposite end of the county just to deliver. Just this past monday they expanded to cover almost all of Orange County so now I don’t have to leave my house to receive orders. I decided to test it out once again and guess what. I was getting delivery requests consistently enough to actually make some money. Different restaurants will treat you differently based on the type of restaurant. Fast food places such as FatBurger will be upset because of the extra work and won’t be happy to see you. On the other hand, privately owned restaurants love the extra business and are very happy to greet you. One of my favorite places to deliver for is an indian restaurant that’s near me. (I don’t want to say the name because this is my special spot) I’ve delivered 3 orders for them this past week and every time they treat me with respect and am happy to see me. Twice the guy gave me a bottle of Orange Juice for free. That shows that this works and that restaurants appreciate the service which in return makes doing deliveries more pleasant. And guess what I’m Puerto Rican and Mexican, this indian guy is soo cool and treats me like a friend. (I wish everyone could get along that well) So, the big question Is Uber Eats Worth It? I can only speak from my experience in Orange County but Uber Eats is definitely worth it. It’s especially worth it if you are looking for an easy part time gig to make some extra money but it can also prove to be a full time income for those that currently work a minimum wage job like the one that I just quit. Maybe not at this point yet because even though I get deliveries consistently they are still a little spread out but as Uber Eats continues to grow, which they will, then it will prove to be more profitable. For instance if you are able to pick up 2 orders from the same place at the same time then you will be getting almost double for your time because you will be paid for both individually. Not like an Uber Pool ride where it’s cheaper and the passengers share the cost to equal the amount of 1 passenger pretty much . But for it to get to that point it will take a little time but at this rate I give it about a month or 2 and it should be at that point. Insurance: Do I Need Different Insurance Coverage To Drive For Uber Eats? The answer is technically Yes. Insurance companies such as mercury now offer insurance for those doing on demand food delivery. If you do not have this coverage and are involved in a collision then your insurance company can deny your claim if they have reason to believe yo were using your car for commercial purposes. Even pizza men are subject to this but it never really became an issue until the on demand industry came to play. So you can play the insurance game however you want but you have been warned that the coverage does exist and not having it could leave you in a bad position. But just like rideshare insurance, it doesn’t cost too much more and the money coming in should be more than enough to male up for it. Conclusion Uber Eats is awesome and I encourage everyone to try it out. To drive for Uber Eats you only need a 2 door car so it opens up the Uber opportunity to those that don’t have a 4 door vehicle to drive with Uber X. Use my link below to sign up for Uber Eats and receive a bonus.



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