Uber Eats Orientation webinar on ClickMeeting

Tonight I attended the Uber Eats orientation webinar which helped explain a lot of things. I found out that my assumption was right and Uber Eats isn’t delivering in my part of the county yet. Right now it is just in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach as far as Orange County is concerned. Tomorrow night I think I’ll drive to Newport Beach and spend a good 4 hours out there looking for deliveries.

One of the things they went over was the pay. Unfortunately I didn’t get to pay as much attention as I’d like because I started the video on my break at work and had to go back when it was getting to the good part. Atleast now I know where to go to get started.

There is another webinar on Wednesday so I’m going to try and attend that one as well so I can get some more solid information.

What I gather about the pay though is that it is based on the area. I’ll give some more details tomorrow night when I start making deliveries.

For the webinar on your phone you will need to download the click meeting app first otherwise it can be a little confusing so go ahead and get it before you click the link to clickmeeting from the text message Uber will send you. If you don’t already have the app then clicking on the link from the text message will prompt you to download the app. This is where it gets a little tricky. After you download the app you need to go back to your text message and click the link again. This time the app will load with the appropriate information.

The meeting was really cool and it was my first time using such a tool and I thought it was a great way to talk to new drivers. There is the main screen that has the live feed and also a live chat room going the whole time.

Overall it was a good experience and once again Uber proves to show that they are a very tech savvy company and definitely have their system down.

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