Uber Eats Partnering with Mcdonalds in Florida

Mcdonald’s, the leader in fast food is joining the Uber Eats platform in Florida.

Mcdonald’s has had their own delivery platform in other countries labeled as McDelivery.

Mcdelivery Uber Eats
Mcdelivery android

But why no Mcdelivery in the United States? It is my thought that because McDonald’s is so much bigger in the United States as far as the amount of restaurant locations to serve customers. By having their own delivery service in the United States they would be hiring tons of new employees and take on a whole new world of insurance.

Why worry about all of that yourself when you have a transportation company like Uber Eats to fill that gap of customers for you.

I think Mcdonalds partnering with Uber Eats is a big deal especially for Uber Eats drivers because this partnership will definitely bring in more deliveries and raise demand for Uber Eats drivers.

Uber Eats and McDonald’s will be starting then trial run in Florida.

Only those living in Orlando, Tampa and Miami will be able to take advantage of the Uber Eats service to get McDonald’s to their front door.

Now is probably a great time to start driving for Uber Eats if you live in Orlando, Tampa or Miami. I am in California and I can’t wait for Uber and McDonald’s to partner over here. We already do pretty good in Orange County California but the addition of McDonalds to the Uber Eats menu will give us drivers a lot more work and increase the possibility of the real money making stacked orders.

To be eligible to drive for Uber Eats you must be over 21 with at least 1 year of driving experience. If you are under 21 you need to show proof of 3 years driving experience. You can use any car to drive for Uber Eats, yes you can even drive your 2 door car for Uber Eats in Florida.

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