Uber Eats signup process and background check

I’m very exited to try Uber Eats. I haven’t even started driving yet but after signing up with postmates the difference already is day and night. Their whole setup and process is well thought out and their website is actually designed to do what they are trying to accomplish. I’m sure they werent always this good but with their few years of experience they have come a long way.

Signing up for Uber Eats has been very easy so far and they stay in contact with you the whole time. I believe they realize how important their drivers are to their business and actually treat them as partners as the say.

I signed up for Uber Eats on August 4th. I had a little delay moving forward because my registration was a month overdue and I had to pay it and send them a copy of my registration along with my license and insurance. Here is a look at the welcome email

Uber Eats welcome email

So august 8th I finally got my registration and uploaded it to Uber. The next step was to login to the app to confirm my account.


I proceeded to download the app and tried logging in to confirm my account but it wouldn’t let me login. I tried for 3 days and finally there was an update for the app. I updated the app and was successfully able to login. At this time I believe they initiated the two part background check from the company chekr. The first part was a license check. Which immediately came back clear. The second part they only initiate after passing the license check because if you fail the license check there is no need for them to pay more money and proceed with the criminal history check.

Here is a shot of what they check for

Uber background check results

At this point I am a little confused. The app says sign up complete. They will notify me by text of email when I’m approved. However I did also get a text message with a time and date to logon and hear a uber representative speak.

Uber Congratulations20160814_114320

As of right now I don’t know what to expect. I’m going to see what happens tomorrow when I click that link. I tried clicking it already but the site is offline until the times stated.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how everything goes.


About an hour after I submitted this post I got the text and email telling me that I’m active and I could start.

Uber Activation text

Sorry for the messy editing but I don’t want any surprise visitors.

I’m about to login so you’ll see a new post from me later.

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