Uber Eats Status

So Uber Eats just introduced this new status program after taking away the hourly guarantees.

The wording is kind of vague and it’s hard to tell how it actually works but over the next couple weeks I will be testing out the Uber Eats Status and be able to explain to everyone in more detail what it’s all about.

Here is a copy of the Uber Eats Orange County status document that they sent me.

So from what I gather, it looks like if I do 25 trips then I will be at silver status the following week. So far that seems to make sense.

So looking a little further it shows that with silver status I get UP TO 1.7x per trip.

Now this is where they are kind of leaving us in the dark.

With the key words UP TO 1.7x per hour that makes me wonder what they are leaving out.

So with the lack of details I have a couple questions that I need answered…

Will the deliveries need to be in a certain area?

What exactly does up to mean?


It all sounds like a good deal if I get 1.7x per delivery. Then Uber Eats could easily once again be worth it.

Is Uber finally responding to drivers and trying to actually make it profitable for drivers once again?

I know that when Uber Eats first started and was offering $2 a mile to drivers it was awesome and I was making a lot of money. I was saying how rideshare couldn’t compete with food delivery and that rideshare was no longer worth it. Then Uber came along and and slashed the Uber Eats driver pay. At that point I was just shooting for the hourly guarantees. That was the only way it was worth it without tips.

So give me a couple weeks and we’ll see if the new Uber Eats status incentive program is worth it.

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