Uber Eats vs Grubhub June 2017

Those of you that follow my blog know that I’ve been doing Uber Eats for a while now but I finally decided to sign up for GrubHub to see what it was all about and see if it is worth more than Uber Eats or not.

The signup process for grubhub was easy, it took about a week and a week later I received my hat and bags.

GrubHub is a little different than some of the other food delivery companies like doordash and postmates because you have to be on the schedule to do deliveries. You use a third party app called when I work to set your schedule and pick up shifts. Grubhub does guarantee $10 an hour but only if you are scheduled to work and are able to get a shift.

A couple months have gone by and I check the When I Work app consistently looking for hours but I have yet to see anything available. When I first signed up I was seeing hours available but the Uber promotions were too good at the time so I didn’t want to waste my time with GrubHub just yet.

Since the Uber incentives have changed a little I wanted to do grubhib and try it out but a couple months have gone by now and still I can’t seem to find any available shifts no matter how hard I try so to this day I have yet to do a grubhub delivery and at this point I’ve pretty much given up on them as being any type of way to earn money.

GrubHub is a huge hassle to get shifts if you can even get 1 and the fact that you can’t just login at anytime makes it pretty unreasonable. GrubHub really needs to change their platform and just hire drivers the good old fashioned way if they want to keep doing business the way they do.

Grubhub is doing nothing to try and change or expand while Uber and Doordash are taking over completely.

What drivers are looking for is ease of use and the ability to log on at any time they feel like it to earn a few extra dollars.

When it comes to ease of use we see Uber doing the most. Uber continues to build partnerships such as their newest partnership with McDonald’s to bring McDelivery to the United States.

When it comes to food delivery, Uber Eats has the best ideas except for having no option to tip. Hopefully Uber breaks free from their no tipping strategy and gives customers the option to tip soon because that is the only thing stopping them from being the best food delivery company to work for in 2017.

Uber Eats Vs GrubHub

Uber Wins by Technical Knockout

If you want to deliver food for extra side money then Uber Eats is definitely the best choice out of all of the other delivery companies out there.

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  • Kim Yates-England

    Hi – love the blog and I have been with Uber eats since August and they definitely have implemented the tips now, at least since I have been signed up with Uber. I get cash or the customer has the option to put tips in after the order has been delivered. Yes, I feel Uber Eats is also the best one out there and I also heard the GrubHub has a waiting list – like for real? LOL! As I see from you, it would be a waste of time to deal with them.

  • Gun H

    Id say give grubhub a whirl unless the terms and conditions for grubhub are different for different regions they list a block and atleast 75% acceptance rate is required for base pay guarantee. But you are free to login when you want and run without a block but there is no pay guarantee also drivers on blocks are given offer priority. My personal experience I have been doing grubhub for two years and running without a block for the past year. I find you make more money off block and since you are not chasing base pay and worrying about acceptance rates there is no stress on rejecting crappy offers.

    • Kristin Jones

      I was doing this same thing until about two weeks ago… I completely stopped getting any offers and when I asked the office they said that I shouldn’t have ever been getting offers off block. Curious, do you still do this or are you scheduling yourself now?

  • tammy

    You Don’t have to sign up for a shift to get a offer from GrubHub! @ they always text advising there is blocks available! I get notifications sent to my phone from GrubHub multiple times a day. The area the author live in must be non existent.

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