Uber Eats Vs PostMates pros and cons

Uber Eats has been through quite a bit of changes since I first posted this a few months ago. They have expanded and also have gotten a lot bussier than they were back in August when they first launched.

I used to be all about Postmates but now I only deliver for Uber Eats. See my updated Uber Eats vs Postmates post


Uber Eats


  • Good app and functionality
  • In app tipping
  • Better base and per mile pay
  • All orders are made online or called in so they are usually ready when you arrive

Better radius for order pick ups


  • Not enough orders
  • Drop off locations can be far and put you out of the delivery acceptance boundry resulting in loss of potential income
  • Does not operate in many cities (Yet)


Post Mates


  • Lot’s of customers
  • Customers have an in app option to tip
  • A good amount of orders are called in
  • Accept multiple deliveries at once
  • Operates almost everywhere and any time
  • Operates 24 hours a day
  • Blitz pricing opportunities


  • App is unstable
  • Too easy to lose customers info by clicking the finish delivery button by mistake
  • Blitz pricing is inconsistent
  • Orders have too broad of a radius
  • Many orders to apartments with no tip and low compensation
  • Market not focused appropriately
  • Not able to see drop off location before accepting a delivery
  • They will deactivate you at any time for no reason


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