Uber finally adding tips

Finally Uber Is Adding A Tipping Option For Customers

The day we’ve all been waiting for is here. Uber is finally adding tips to the app so drivers have an opportunity to make more money.

They say you’ve spoken and we’ve listened but the truth is that they had no choice. With new rideshare ideas being introduced to the market, Uber and Lyft have a lot of changes to make. This is a great start for Uber but they still have a list of things to do to compete with new startups such as Rydengo.

Can Lyft still compete with Uber at this point?

Now the Uber vs Lyft gap is closed tighter and with Uber being the leader they can regain control with these new changes.

Tipping has been necessary for a long time now but I still think it’s not too late.

What about Uber Eats Tipping?

Since Uber Eats customers will be able to tip as well then Uber Eats is going to be much more worth it. I’ve had so many of my Uber Eats customers ask if they could tip in the app and I’ve lost a lot of potential money from not having that feature.

This change is going to enable Uber Eats to take control of the food delivery market completely. Doordash, Postmates and GrubHub are all terrible companies that sort of had a good idea but didn’t build on it in time. With Uber Eats, Uber has created the best food delivery system for drivers and they offer a much better referral program for new drivers as well.

To get a new driver bonus with doordash requires the new driver to make 75 deliveries in 30 days. Come on, most of us don’t do this full time and doing it part time will never give you enough time to even get that bonus. With Uber Eats, new drivers that use a referral code when signing up only have to do around 40 deliveries and the Uber Eats new driver bonus can be as much as $1000 depending on your location.

Uber Eats was almost the best food delivery company to work for before but now with tips, Uber can easily take their position as Number 1 in the food delivery business.

Now is a great time to sign up for Uber if you haven’t already because this is one big change that Uber drivers have been waiting for. Now we just need better fares. If you sign up today using my referral code by clicking the links below then we both get a bonus. They may be lowering the referral bonus soon so secure yours today!

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