Uber is ready for a change in 2017

Uber, the king of rideshare has met quite a bit of turbulence this past year. Within just the last few months alone the president of Uber as well as several other high ranking employees of Uber have resigned and or stepped down from their positions.

The choice of the now former president of Uber was made based on the structure of the company and how it operates. Coming from target which is a very politically correct company he saw things happening at Uber that he disagreed with and knew he couldn’t change.

This decision comes just weeks after Travis Kalanick said he would seek “leadership help” and announced plans to hire a chief operating officer.

It’s obvious to Travis that things aren’t working out and while he may be the smart techy guy with ideas, he realizes he might not be the best one to be running things. Starting a company doesen’t necessarily mean you know anything about running a billion dollar company. Seeing things fall apart in front of his own eyes he is now coming to the conclusion that something needs to change and I believe he is now motivated to make that change.

How much money does one person really need? I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “More Money More Problems” well this is the perfect example of just that.

By worrying less about investors and giving your attention to the drivers instead you’ll build a more successful company and sleep better at night knowing that you are helping thousands of people make a living.

I have my hopes for Uber and believe that it can turn around and become the perfect rideshare service if Travis can focus on the right things and start making drivers needs a priority.

Uber has taken a beating but social responsibility is very powerful and very important. If they can come back as a company that cares about the drivers then you can say farewell to Juno and possibly lyft as well.

The price war is only a price war if you let it be and all of this can be fixed. Charge customers appropriately, take a lower percentage and then drivers will have no reason to work for lyft, juno or any other rideshare company. The way Uber and Lyft made fares lower and lower was one of the stupidest moves I’ve seen in any industry. I personally blame Lyft for starting the fare decrease process. These two companies together destroyed the worth of a whole industry but I believe Uber has the power to take control and fix the problem but they have to be willing to make less profit on their end and give more to the drivers.

Maybe Travis Kalanick should hire me to help him. In the end my ideas will generate more income for drivers and for Uber.

The first step is to flush out competition by taking a loss and satisfying drivers. The second step is to raise the rates.

It’s easy to see that this will be an effective strategy. Drivers will go where the money is. Let lyft be the budget rideshare platform for shitty cars and Uber can once again be a service for customers with higher expectations and a more profitable platform for drivers.

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