Uber reduces cancellation times

As part of the Uber 180 days of change Uber is also lowering the cancellation time that drivers wait for a passenger .

This has been one of big issues with Uber and Lyft for quite some time now.

You get a ping that’s 8 minutes away, you drive all the way there and get to the persons street. The passenger wasn’t expecting you so soon so they cancel with no penalty and the driver just wasted his gas and his time driving to you.

These passengers will order a ride with intentions of making the driver wait because they don’t want to wait for the driver to get there. They want the convenience and don’t care about our time. Passengers who abuse the system in this way should be deactivated because it ruins the experience for drivers.

If drivers aren’t happy then they don’t drive and then passengers wait longer.

So how will Uber fix the cancellation problem?

Uber is reducing the cancellation window from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.

Now if a passenger requests a ride they only have 2 minutes to cancel without a penalty so drivers still have a chance to get paid even if the entitled passengers cancel.

This is something that needed to happen a lomg time ago because so many riders abuse the current system.

Uber also adding paid wait time

Uber drivers will now earn from waiting time as well.

After you’ve arrived at the pickup location the timer starts counting down. After 2 minutes the passenger will be charged a per minute fee for wait time.

Uber hasn’t stated as of yet what the actual per minute fee will be but anything that helps change how these passengers act is a plus.

Hopefully we see more quality passengers in the near future because of these changes.

Uber passengers need to realize that our time is our money and we don’t like to be played with. Finally Uber is stepping up and doing what is right. Amazing that as soon as Travis was forced to resign by investors we see immediate positive change. The former CEO Travis is the reason Uber ended up with a bad name. It seems like the new leadership at Uber has their heads in the right place and understands that social responsibility is a big part of business and you can’t just use and abuse people for your own gain if those people don’t gain as well.

Of course as a company they deserve to profit, but how much profit is too much profit when the people out here driving are doing the risky part of the business.

They say they are making these changes over the course of 180 days. The cancellation times were a little lower on the list so this might not be an immediate change but it is a good change and it couldn’t happen sooner.

I can see Lyft hustling to make some new changes as well now to compete with Uber. And just to best them they’ll probably roll out similar changes sooner since they don’t have to worry about adding a tipping option. I experience the cancellation issue with Lyft more than Uber so Uber isn’t the only one to blame here.

So stop all the Uber hate. Travis is gone and it’s time for a new chapter in rideshare.

Now is a great time to sign up to drive for Uber and experience a better rideshare company. If you are new to Uber then you’re lucky because drivers have fought for years for these changes.

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