Uber vs Lyft July 2017

The Uber vs Lyft war continues as each of these two companies battle to be the #1 rideshare companies.

Lyft always had the advantage of tipping and that was their big selling point to drivers for years.

Under the control of Travis Kalanick, uber was a terrible place for drivers but since the Uber investors ganged up on Travis and kicked him out Uber might finally have a chance to survive.

This month Uber is adding the tipping option for all drivers. A lot of drivers have already gotten the option but Uber says all drivers will be able to receive tips by the end of July.

In my Uber Eats group and the other Uber and Lyft groups I’m in drivers are reporting that they ARE in fact seeing tips from Uber X and Uber Eats.

Make Uber Great Again

When Uber first started a few years back it was a dream come true for drivers and Uber drivers were easily making a good living driving for Uber. Because of Lyft lowering prices, Uber had to do the same thing. The price gouging became a back and forth thing between Uber and Lyft to gain control over the market. Unfortunately they successfully ran the rideshare market into the ground.

Will Uber let go of Lyft and finally let them be the crappy service nobody wants to drive for?

If Uber plays the game right then it can take out Lyft. At this point in the rideshare business it is no secret that ultimately drivers have control. Drivers will go to whichever company offers a better experience. The war should have never been about customers. It should have been about retaining drivers. At some point drivers will see that it just isn’t worth it so Uner and Lyft rely on a huge turnover of drivers to continue operations. At some point all of the eligible drivers will be used up and then their company reaches the bankruptcy stage.

While Lyft is blindly hoping for some unheard of magic to happen, I believe the new people in control at Uber understand where the rideshare industry is at and will make the proper changes to make it worth it for drivers to drive for Uber and leave Lyft with all of the scumbag drivers and passengers.

This is a luxury service and if people are paying luxury prices then drivers provide a luxury experience. Can we bring back the days where it was worth it for drivers to offer water and candy.

This is business and business has no room for friends. The way Lyft has been trying to do things by being your friend may have lured in drivers initially but it doesent take long to realize that we are doing this to make ourselves money. Not to watch our friend get rich. At one time Lyfts marketing of being the driver friendly platform was a good one but the pay has gone so low that their approach is no longer valid because it’s obvious that drivers are the least of their concern. It was all just a maketing scheme but in the end they are the same as Uber but in my honest opinion worse.

My thoughts are that Uber is going to rise up and do better things and that starts with making it a better place for drivers.  For Uber this a simple process, Pay drivers more and watch them stay.

By using this strategy Uber may have some down time with passengers, Lyft will see a increase, but once drivers are aware that Lyft isn’t worth it then they will go to Uber. Uber needs to target the middle and upper class markets and leave the low class for Lyft. It’s no secret that drivers would rather risk their lives for $2.00 a mile than $0.95 a mile. Anyone that chooses do drive for the latter is a fool. It’s a basic concept that even the stupidest of business men should understand.

If Lyft wants a chance then maybe they should get rid of their CEO as well and hire me to fix everything that is wrong.

So, Yes, I believe in Uber and I believe it’s going to make it out of the situation they are currently in. They’ve had their ups and downs as any company has but it’s all about what you do with that information you’ve gained from past mistakes. You either learn from them or continue to fail.

So if you are a new driver wondering if Uber is worth it then right now is the best time to sign up and drive because Uber is making changes.

Sign up to drive for Uber or Uber Eats today and we both get a bonus.

Join the Uber revolution and help make it what it should be.

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  • Matt Bogart

    Tipping is starting to happen but its only about 1 out of every 10-15 trips.. The tip option doesn’t pop up for the rider to tip until AFTER they rate the driver.. Well when I go over my trip history I see that only 50% of all riders even bother to rate and the ones who have rated given me a 4.91 rating which I feel is good. So doing the math you will see half of people rate and out of that half about 5-10 % of those will actually tip… I drove 40 hours last week & got all of $26 in tips thru the app.. and that was only because Uber had a tip matching promo that tuesday….

    Right now Its just a smoke screen to make drivers think they are appreciated.. I still get more in cash tips from people then thru the app but hey its a start! Uber has long conditioned passengers to believe that tipping was already included in the dirt cheap fares…It will take awhile before it makes a difference in driver retention.

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