Ultimate Food Delivery Guide

 1. Utilize Multiple Platforms


Uber has It’s ups and downs when it comes to pay and it’s best to be signed up for multiple delivery services and go with whichever one is paying more at the time.

For instance, let’s look at this Doordash screen shot.

When you see that +$7.00 per delivery then you want to be doing Doordash at this time instead of Uber Eats if you want to make the most money with your time.

Uber has it’s bonuses as well so plan your delivery schedule accordingly. Uber might have a good lunch time promotion so do Uber at lunch and if Doordash looks good at night stay on Doordash.

If neither one offer a promotion than still have both apps running and take the deliveries that are worth more.

When you work like this you can’t worry about things like acceptance rate because you will only be doing the deliveries that make sense.

Some of these companies like to throw in an acceptance rate for some bonuses but you’ll make more money by using the multiple app strategy.

There are a few delivery companies to choose from other than Uber Eats and Doordash such as Postmates and GrubHub. My personal experience with Postmates is that it’s not worth it but that doesn’t mean don’t try it. It may be good in your area. I have found that each of these companies can vary in pay based on your area so try them all and see which ones pay you the most.

If you want to sign up for Doordash use the link below.



  1. Don’t drive around

Never waste gas driving around looking for deliveries. It may take a week or so but find the hot spots in your area and stick around there.

One of the biggest mistakes I see drivers make is driving back and forth without a delivery. Wait somewhere nearby your last stop for another ping.

Of course if you are taken far away from the restaurants in your area and or there are only a few restaurants that you know do deliveries then you should drive back to that area and wait.

If you are in a big city like me then you probably have restaurants on every corner so the chances of getting another delivery close to my last drop off are much greater.

Once you figure out you’re area you can use these tips to help yourself come up with a good strategy to make the most money.

Gas really digs into our pockets so keep your driving at a minimum.


  1. Protection

Being a delivery driver means that you spend more time on the road than most people so your chances of getting into an accident are greatly increased.

I suggest that you get a dash cam if you drive a lot in order to give you some proof in case anything happens. Just recently my cousin was a victim of a jerk driver. He didn’t like that my cousin was driving the speed limit so he jumped in front of him and brake checked him. For those that don’t know what brake checking is it’s when someone intentionally slams on their brakes in front of you to make you hit them. Sure enough my cousin ended up hitting this guys car but unfortunately he didn’t have a dash cam and had no proof so he ended up being the one at fault.

These types of things happen every day so I suggest you get some type of dash cam for your protection.


  1. Mileage and Taxes

Keep track of your mileage using either a mileage tracking app or a physical mileage log book. By keeping track of your miles you can use them for a write off for tax time and it will save you a lot of money. If you get audited by the IRS they will require your mileage logs as proof of your claimed miles.


I will provide you with a simple spreadsheet to use and I will give you a link to the IRS website where it explains the requirements for your mileage log.


The easiest way to keep track of your miles is with the app called Mile IQ. It’s available for iPhone and Android and makes logging your miles really easy and the records are useable for an IRS audit. You can use the app for free if you are just an occasional driver but if you drive daily you’ll want to upgrade.

Use my link below for 20% off

Mile IQ

Simple Printable Mileage Log Form

IRS Publication 463 Travel, Gift and Car Expenses See Chapter 4 page 14 for mileage information.


5. Phone Mount and Charging

If you have a phone with wireless charging then you should get a phone mount that has wireless charging capabilities to always ensure your phone is charged.


For those without wireless charging I recommend a magnet mount to easily remove and replace your phone on the mount.


Charging ports on phones are one of the most common things that breaks so I also suggest getting yourself a magnetic charging cable.

One end stays plugged in the phone and the wire easily attaches and detaches without putting any extra wear and tear on your charging port. If you have an expensive phone you’ll want to get one of these.


My phone has wireless charging but it doesn’t work the greatest with a magnet mount which I prefer so I personally go with the second option and use a magnetic mount and charging cable.


Here’s a few to check out on Amazon. Just click the link or picture.

Wireless Charging Phone Mount  

Magnetic Phone Mount  

Magnetic Phone Charger  


  1. Hot Cold Delivery Bag

Uber used to send new drivers a delivery bag but they no longer do this. You’ll have a much better customer response if you deliver the food in a hot/cold bag. If you sign up for multiple services like Door dash, Postmates or Grub Hub then chances are you will probably get a bag out of them for free.

Here’s a couple cheap delivery bags from Amazon. Just click the picture

      7. Help People Identify You   

Now this isn’t a must but It can help restaurants and customers identify you as a delivery driver by wearing either a hat or shirt. This can sometimes reduce your wait time at restaurants and your customers may appreciate it as well. Doordash and GrubHub give out hats and shirts for this reason but for some reason Uber just doesen’t get it. 


If you just signed up for Uber Eats and Forgot to use a referral code then you may still be able to add one and possibly still get your new driver bonus. Check out my instructions using the link below.

How To Add An Uber Referral Code