Walmart VS Amazon 2 day shipping

So I just saw a commercial for WalMart bashing Amazon.

They say Free Shipping with no membership fee. But of course there is a catch and it is also somewhat gimmicky.

Wal Mart Free Shipping

2 day shipping at walmart is available only for items with a 2-Day Shipping flag. On top of that the order needs to be atleast $35

But if your order is less than $35 you can upgrade to 2 day shipping for $5.99

The Gimmick

This is walmarts way of strategically forcing you to buy more products to meet the $35 for free shipping.

No Membership Fee

Ok so there is no membership fee, walmart is trying to make people assume that the Amazon Prime membership only gives them shipping but the truth is you get a lot more than free shipping with Amazon Prime.


Amazon is an internet business and that’s what they are good at. Instead of paying thousands of employees to work in stores they have these people working in warehouses and out there delivering packages.

Amazon created their own delivery platform which is no different than Fedex or UPS.

Walmart is in too deep with their stores and now their grocery stores on top of that as well. Of course they can afford to compete but I think walmart should stick to being a neighborhood store rather than trying to compete with Amazon.

When you run your own delivery service as Amazon does you cut out the middle man which brings costs of delivery down significantly. Amazon successfully stripped Fedex and UPS of almost all of their orders.

Walmart on the other hand still relies on third party carriers which add to the price. They may have local warehouses to store their 2 day shipping eligible items in order to get it to customers faster and cheaper but the fact that a third party is still involved makes you wonder how they offer you Free shipping while still making a profit on the sale. Walmart will lose some profit in the end on their side but they are still willing to make the sale. Even if they end up only making  $1 after the free shipping that is still considered profit but is all of the trouble and big promises worth that little bit of change? Probably not, but they are determined to try and compete with Amazon just for the sake of trying to remain the biggest retailer in the United States.


If you occasionally buy bulky expensive items then walmart is fine but if you are the kind of person that always orders lower priced items online and doesn’t want to spend $35 for free shipping then Amazon is the way to go. On top of that, walmart limits the items available for free shipping. With Amazon Prime you get free shipping on everything you order. Not all items are eligible for 2 day prime shipping but in the end all shipping is free.

I recently bought 3 items from Amazon. Without the Prime Membership it would have cost me $11.90 for shipping so I decided to go with the monthly prime membership which was $9.99. I rarely order stuff online so paying for 1 month is fine with me.

Walmart just can’t compete with Amazon unless they start their own delivery service as well. And hopefully they do because that brings a lot more jobs to the United States. I’m very happy driving for Amazon and if walmart did the same thing I would go to whoever paid more.

I was working a terrible job at Walgreens before I quit and started doing Amazon Flex. Now I’m finally on top of my bills because I have work that actually pays well.

When it comes to social responsibility, Amazon has brought a lot to the United States recently and created good paying jobs for those like me that would otherwise be a cashier at Walgreens or Walmart. We need decent living wages and companies like Amazon are giving us the opportunities that we desperately need here in America.

The last companies that gave us these types of opportunities were Uber and Lyft and we see how that dimished in just 2 years with fares constantly being lowered to the point that it is now slave work.

So thank you Amazon for making a difference in my life and many others out there. I hope it stays consistent and I hope Amazon Flex keeps going strong because we all appreciate it.

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