Why I Chose Uber Eats and Postmates to start with

People keep asking me… Why Uber Eats and Postmates? Why leave out GrubHub, Doordash and the others?

I want to be able to spend enough time¬†with each company to give a legitimate review. Other reviewers out there will sign up for them all at once and not spend enough time or gain enough experience in any one to even give a review or help anyone that is starting out. I feel like there is already a lot of biased information out there from people that just weren’t doing it right.

I hope to be a better resource for people and provide better information for those looking into driving for one of these companies.

Uber Eats I chose because hey, It’s new and it’s Uber. They are already a pretty well established company and have a lot of clientele to connect you with.

Postmates I chose because they have a very interesting setup the way you use the debit card and can receive tips. I’ve also heard of people doing pretty well with postmates and making 2 to 4 hundred a weekend. I have bills to pay and I need money so this sounded really good to me.

After I spend some time with these two companies I will definitely like to move on to grub hub and door dash.
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