Yayyo looking for drivers in Los Angeles

A new rideshare company by the name of Yayyo is here to bring some new ideas to rideshare.

Yayyo which is based in Los Angeles is a rideshare company that will hire you as an employee and even give you a luxury car to use.

As a Yayyo driver you have the option of being a part time or full time employee. Full time Yayyo drivers receive benefits as well.

Yayyo provides a Luxury vehicle at no charge to you unlike Uber and Lyft. They also pay for the gas and insurance as well. And another huge perk is that you can use the car for personal use as well with no additional charge.

Technically Yayyo is a real chauffeur company that utilizes the ideas of this new rideshare industry bringing more profit for the drivers and the company.

It seems like Yayyo understands that it doesent need to become rich off of driver exploitation. Instead they are looking to share the wealth.

The idea of these get rich quick startups has been nothing but trouble for Uber and Lyft who try to scam the system and work around loopholes in the law.

Right now Yayyo is looking for drivers in the Los Angeles area and this could be the perfect opportunity for Uber and Lyft drivers to earn more.

It was just a matter of time before more socially responsible companies would take advantage of the mistakes Uber and Lyft have made.

Check out the official Yayyo website and sign up to be a driver today.

As of right now, new drivers get a $500 sign on bonus. They is no referral reward for me so you can be happy to know that I’m giving you this information because I care and Not because I want to make money off of you like similar websites. I want to see the rideshare scene move forward so it’s worth it for all of us. Of course if I do get a referral code I’ll put it up but that isn’t my main motivation.

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